Wolf River Farm


Wolf River Farm is located 70 km Northeast of Thunder Bay…

along the north shore of Lake Superior. The farm was established in 1929 in Dorion, Ontario alongside the breath taking canyons and majestic Wolf River. In 2013 we purchased the farm and started living our dream. We purchased 5 cows, 3 pigs and 50 chickens. And have now grown to around 80 head of cattle. We still raise free-range pigs and egg laying chickens. We raise all our animals without the use of steroids and growth hormones. Antibiotics are only used when provided by a veterinarian to prevent a loss of life. We also produce hay for the local horse industry, however beef is our main focus.

We are proud to raise our two sons Sheppard and Jack, in the small community of Dorion on our family owned operated farm. We believe strongly that good beef comes from good practices that are environmentally friendly, sustainable and maintain the highest levels of animal husbandry. So much so that in 2018 we became certified in the Verified Beef Production Plus or VBP+ program. As per our website; “The VBP+ program is a way for certified operations to demonstrate and verify that they abide by the highest standards for food safety, animal care, land management and conservation, and biosecurity when raising their cattle.”

We encourage our customers to drop by the farm and visit us. Our oldest son Sheppard conducts most of the farm tours and loves pointing out the animals by name. All of our animals here on the farm are identified at birth with not just a number but also more importantly a name. Not only is it fun for our kids to choose names, but it also helps us follow a cows lineage through the generations by the first letter in there name.

Wolf River Farm believes in strong and healthy communities and good locally produced food. We have teamed up with our local school to donate beef to the schools hot lunch program. The program provides hot lunches to kids twice a week, giving them the energy and nutrition needed to play, learn, grow and have fun at school. It’s just something we are proud to play small part in. So don’t be shy drop by and see us, we can show you what Northwest Beef is all about.