KJB Farms


I am farming on my Great Grand-Parents farm…

that was established in 1926. My interest started as a small girl on my grandma's farm. I lived close and my grandpa passed away young so I spent all my time with her on the farm. She taught me from a very young age that you can do anything you like if you put your mind to it. All I ever wanted to do was to farm. I was fortunate enough to end up on my farm which is next door to my grandmas. Cows were always are main business but along came 2 nieces that I have spent my time teaching about the greatness of Agriculture. They wanted sheep so we are now in the sheep business as well. Currently I am selling beef and lamb. Last year we raised and sold ducks and we found it hard because we all fell for the ducks hard. We also have rabbits but currently they are just pets. Because of the girls I have also started into some farm tours but I do have an off-farm job so I limit how many tours I can do. The girls have made me realize how fortunate I am to have such a great carer and passion for Agriculture. We have a quiet herd of cattle and we annually train and take cattle to our Fall Fair. I haven't missed a year since I was 12 years old. My grandma passed away last Christmas (2015) but her influence in me will last a lifetime.

I would consider myself natural. I certainly believe in preventative vaccines and treatment if my animals are sick but I have a very healthy herd. I have completed various Farm Training sessions - ie. Environmental Farm Plan, Verified Beef Production, Bio-Security etc. My cattle are well knows to be fat, healthy and extremely quiet. I take great pride in my farm and products that leave from it. I feed my family these products and do my best to grow Top of the Line Products.