About Us

Who We Are

Northwest Beef is a collective of beef farmers located in Northwest Ontario, from Wawa to Kenora. Our beef is naturally raised within consistent standards that ensure ethical and responsible practices across all of our member farms. Our collective of farmers has come together to form a not-for-profit co-operative, to create an environment where we have autonomy over making decisions to do with our own brand. Northwest Beef aims to support farming as a way of life for Northwestern Ontario cattle farmers, as a not-for-profit co-op, surplus revenues will be reinvested in the business and/or community.

Historically in Northwestern Ontario, aside from limited farm gate and farmers’ market sales, beef calves were raised to yearling weights, and sold at the spring and fall cattle sales to Southern Ontario and Western Canadian markets. These stockers are shipped south or west for further backgrounding and finishing. Our Northwest Beef co-op aims to change this trend by keeping stocker cattle in NWO for finishing, processing and local sales of premium product.

Benefiting Northwest Ontario

Our Verification


All of our member farms are required to pass the same verification and inspection processes. All Northwest Beef participating farms have undergone Verified Beef Production Plus' four tiers of inspection to ensure their commitment to the highest standards of care in  food safety, responsible animal handling, environmental stewardship and conservation, and biosecurity  when raising their cattle.

Where to Buy

Details about where to purchase our beef coming soon. Stay tuned!

Thank you to Beef Farmers of Ontario for their investment in Northwestern Ontario’s cattle farming and making this project possible.

Our Partners