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Northwest Beef is a unique premium beef product produced by your neighbors here in Northwestern Ontario. Our farms are inspected to ensure strict adherence to raising animals humanely, protecting their land, and ensuring food safety and traceability. Northwest Beef is raised on forages such as pasture, hay and silage. Our grain-fed Northwest Beef strives to incorporate as much locally produced grain as possible, maximizing the positive impact on the local farming industry. Our grass-fed version (limited availability) is finished on pasture, achieving a different flavour and tenderness with possible health benefits some consumers desire. Northwest Beef strives to ensure optimum tenderness and consistency.

Northwest Beef will be available for purchase in 2019. See the descriptions below and reserve yours now!

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You may pre-purchase using the form below or download the printable PDF order form via the button below to mail in with your cheque or Email Money Transfer.

For more information or to order Northwest Beef Products e-mail us at Orders can be picked up at your nearest abattoir. Delivery is available to some communities. Cheques should be made payable to Northwest Beef Co-op and mailed to Box 423 Dryden ON P8N 2Z3. Funds can also be sent via Email Money Transfer to with the completion of the form below.


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For your convenience, unless otherwise requested, your beef portion will be cut & wrapped to the following standard specifications. To change roast or package sizes, steak thickness, or make substitutions, please contact us at to request changes. Each side of beef will contain: Blade Roasts: 3-4 lbs packages Cross Rib Roasts: 3-4 lbs packages Prime Rib: half roasts, half steaks Stewing meat, short ribs and soup bones* T-bone steaks (email to substitute New York Strips) Sirloin steak and sirloin tip roasts Tenderloin steaks Ground beef in 1- 1.5 lb pkgs Half hip roasts, half round steaks Steaks are packaged two per pkg, cut to 7/8” thickness * Additional ground beef can be substituted for the stew meat and short ribs ** Actual total volume (number of roasts, steaks, etc) will vary based on order and individual carcass size
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