Delton and Judith Martin Farm


Delton and Judith Martin farm north of Barwick…

with their five daughters Jodi, Kelsie, Shana, Savannah and McKenna. Delton started his cow herd at the age of twelve when his dad purchased two bred heifers for him. Even though he grew up on a small dairy farm the gift of those heifers is where the passion really started. Those two cows have now grown into a herd of 110. 

The cow herd is predominantly a Red Angus cross with Charolais and Simmental influence. The cows are wintered in the bush where there is plenty of wind shelter and given plenty of hay, part of which they use for bedding. They calve starting in early April into June with cows and their newborn calves put immediately onto stockpiled pastures giving them a clean dry place to run. We are strong believers in rotational grazing the cows are moved at least once a week into a fresh paddock. The grazing starts in late April and we don’t start feeding hay until late October early November. The calves are weaned starting in late October through the beginning of December, depending on the weather and the weight of the calves. Once the calves are weaned they are fed high quality forage and sometimes supplemented with grain.