About Humane Practices


humane Animal Care Standards

Humane animal care means that our standards are upheld through regular inspections conducted by Verified Beef Plus who are cattle specialists. These are third-party independent inspections of all farms, ranches and slaughter facilities.

The benefit for consumers is that they can buy with confidence.  The animals are not overcrowded in confinement systems, so it is better for the animals, the environment and the farmers who receive a fair price for their efforts.

When consumers ask for humane products, this demand motivates retailers, restaurants, and food service companies to find qualifying producers and pay them fairly, and to ask for change from existing suppliers.


Grass-fed vs. grain-finished

Grain-finished cattle are raised on an all vegetarian diet, which includes grains and forage grown locally. Cattle are free to roam fields and graze, but are finished on the special grain and forage mix to produce tender, tasty cuts of beef.

Grass-finished cattle are free to roam fields, grazing on green pastures and forages. Grass-finished beef is seasonal as these animals are processed in the summer/fall for optimal nutrient content in the meat. Grass-finished sides are typically available beginning in July through December (depending on demand). Grass-finished beef is a good source of conjugated linoleic acid, a fatty acid which can aid in lowering serum cholesterol and enhance immune response.