Tarrymore Farms

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When you think about local beef or free-run eggs in Thunder Bay…

you think about Tarrymore Farms. Since 1970, Tarrymore Farms, located in the South Gilles, has built a strong reputation for their high-quality, local cattle farm and the beef that is produced.

For Tarrymore Farms owners, Jenny and Bill Groenheide, farming has always been part of their lives.  The land that Tarrymore Farms occupies was originally homesteaded in 1906, and was eventually bought by Jenny’s parents who raised their family there. Later, Jenny and her husband Bill, who spent a lot of time on his uncle’s farm, took the farm into their hands. “Having both been raised on  farms, it was and remains a way of life, not just a job. Our kids, who are all adults now, also seem to have the same way of thinking,” says Jenny about her passion for farming.

While local food has a proven reputation for better taste and freshness, buying local foods is also a more sustainable practice for our food system and environment. For Jenny and Bill, sustainability is very important, and it has a strong influence on their farming practices. “We strive to be sustainable. Bill and I believe that we are stewards of the land we farm for the time that we are here,” says Jenny. “Our primary crop is beef, and the cattle supply us with the fertilizer that we use on our garden. We also plan our crops and cattle grazing so that the land benefits, which in turn, helps us to grow better crops.”

(content from http://www.tbrhsc.net/meet-our-local-farmers-tarrymore-farms)